[ESS] Snw files are not weaved by C-c C-c from AucTeX-mode

A.J. Rossini blindglobe at gmail.com
Wed Aug 2 19:04:50 CEST 2006

On 8/2/06, Rodney Sparapani <rsparapa at mcw.edu> wrote:
> A.J. Rossini wrote:
> >
> > You are missing one critical point, and that is that Noweb isn't
> > restricted to LaTeX.   Noweb (and Sweave) support HTML (and could
> > directly support RTF) for document markup.   Noweb is
> > documentation-mode independent, and noweb-mode can be tweaked to
> > support XML/HTML editing modes with minimal work.  We default to LaTeX
> > for historical reasons (my dislike of raw HTML editing).
> >
> I can only speak for myself, but it seems that noweb is over-kill.

   <- additional decent opinions deleted ->

That was my initial opinion as well, but there wasn't really a syntax
that seemed better and "universal" when I selected it, for support,
prior to XML and Sweave.

Now that I've actually seen biologists learn LaTeX, I'm not sure about
"overkill" anymore.  "Annoying" might be a more accurate description.


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