[ESS] RGUI not responding

Chris Evans chris at psyctc.org
Thu Mar 31 16:51:13 CEST 2005

My first post to ESS-help and I have tried a google search of the 
archives without success but hope I'm not missing the obvious.

I'm running R 2.01 under Windoze 2k and ESS 5.2.3 (updated to that 
using the XEmacs update function, same problem was there with a,  now 
sadly unknown, earlier version) under XEmacs 21.4 (again, was same 
under earlier) and, with some dificulty, I've got same ESS running 
under Emacs 21.3.  All those produce the same problem but running 
Rgui directly in the same windoze on the same machine, with the same 
R commands, doesn't.

Problem is that the RGUI task becomes nonresponsive if I create any 
halfway complicated graphics in there and swap away from it 
(typically after doing a ^W metafile copy to the clipboard but I 
don't think that's necessary.

Seems to be utterly reliable problem, happens if there's any other 
program around to swap to as far as I can see and regardless of how 
many other programs there are or if Windoze has just been rebooted.

Odd thing is that this doesn't seem to happen at all using RGUI 
directly as I say.  When it does happen, task manager process list 
shows that task as unresponding and system idle processes as using 
99% of the CPU and other programs continue to work fine.

Anyone seen this?  Any suggestions?  I love the Xemacs/ESS/R combo 
and can't ditch Windoze though I pretty much hate it.  I can work by 
cutting and pasting to RGUI but it feels awful after the convenience 
of ESS.



Chris Evans <chris at psyctc.org>
Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy, Rampton Hospital; 
Research Programmes Director, Nottinghamshire NHS Trust, 
Hon. SL Institute of Psychiatry
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