[ESS] prompt multiple reinsertion problem

Sebastian Luque sluque at mun.ca
Thu Mar 24 22:40:22 CET 2005


This is really a minor problem, but I've had it for too long without
finding a solution. Every once in a while, after hitting TAB for
completion in the R process buffer, the whole list of objects gets
inserted before the current prompt and a new prompt gets inserted in front
of it, resulting in multiple prompts at the input line. Something similar
happens when doing C-c C-v and using TAB on a partially typed name, except
this time the list of objects is not printed and more than one new prompt
gets inserted after exiting help mode. It's not an error and it doesn't
cause any problems other than disabling completion for that line.
Completion works normally again in subsequent input lines.

What may be causing this?

Sebastian P. Luque

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