[ESS] Debugging in R

Ross Boylan ross at biostat.ucsf.edu
Thu Jun 23 21:13:00 CEST 2005

Using ESS for R doesn't yield very helpful errors (error message only;
no stack trace; no indication of the source line even if C-c C-l), and
recover() is not invoked (apparently it is not on by default in R).

I did options(error=recover), and discovered why that was off under ESS,
at least.  The session hung completely.  I assume the process running R
didn't know where to get or send input (which is a bit weird, since
that's what I do in regular interaction).

I switched to running R from a terminal for diagnosis, but I hope
there's a better way.

The info file seems to be more about debugging problems with ESS.  I'm
concerned with problems in my code or data.

The only index entry for debugging just had stuff about interactively
evaluating code snippets.  A search of the index file also turned up a
variable that could be set.  This looked as if it might be more for
debugging ESS, and it gave a backtrace.  Even if that's of the R code,
it still doesn't put me in an interactive debugging environment.


P.S.  Is there any good way to search the list archives?
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