[ESS] getting started with ESS and Xemacs

Michael Wolosin michael.wolosin at duke.edu
Fri Jan 21 22:27:52 CET 2005

All -

I am using John Fox's excellent introduction to ESS and XEmacs for R, and 
have followed his instructions for installation (including using his 
init.el file).  Also note that I renamed the ess-site.el and ess-site.elc 
files and replaced ess-site.el with the patch John posted. (I am using 
windows 2000, XEmacs 21.4.13, R 2.0.1).
I am new to Emacs, as well as Unix-style programming in general, but I 
thought it worthwhile to try to get going on ESS and XEmacs because I use R 
extensively, am excited about a more powerful editing environment for it, 
and will likely need to use R on a Unix box in the not too distance 
future... so this seems an excellent way to get started (and to have some 
transparency when I do move from PC to Unix).

Now, when I start up Xemacs using the init.el from John, it starts up in a 
single frame with only one window and a minibuffer, rather than 2 windows 
and the minibuffer.  I can open a new (or old) scratch.R or foo.R file in a 
new Frame, and it interacts correctly with the ESS[R] session running in 
the first frame, but it would be more useful to be able to view both 
windows in the same split frame (as the help files indicate it 
should).  Also, it seems that several of the hotkeys in the init.el file 
refer to switching back and forth from win1 and win2, which doesn't seem to 
happen correctly with more than one frame.

Any suggestions?



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