[ESS] RE: [R] Ess packages for Suse-9.2 available ?

Tom Moertel tom at moertel.com
Fri Jan 14 17:52:38 CET 2005

Paul Johnson wrote:
> No need to worry. Everything is copasetic.
> Tom and I worked this out a while ago.  I agreed with the changes he 
> wanted to make. We adopted his preferred name for the package, 
> emacs-ess, and it obsoletes the old name I had chosen when I started 
> making RPMS, which was ess-emacs.
> I do worry somewhat about this package being classified as "noarch" in 
> Tom's version.  Are elc files truly portable across architectures?

No need to worry:

    "Because the byte-compiled code is evaluated by the byte-code
     interpreter, instead of being executed directly by the machine's
     hardware (as true compiled code is), byte-code is completely
     transportable from machine to machine without recompilation.
     It is not, however, as fast as true compiled code."




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