[ESS] ess-developers/users using sweave/auctex

A.J. Rossini blindglobe at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 06:24:46 CEST 2005

I'd argue for both of them.  They have their uses at different times. 
I've incorporated David's changes into ESS, and should be committing
in a few days, for the next version.

On Apr 5, 2005 11:39 PM, Patrick Drechsler <patrick at pdrechsler.de> wrote:
> Hi A.J.,
> sorry for the late response.
> A. J. Rossini wrote on 31 Mar 2005 08:42:07 MET:
> > Here's an example Makefile which might be useful
> [...snipped nice example makefile...]
> Thanks for posting your example! I will give it a try. I still
> haven't decided which is more comfortable: David's solution or
> Makefiles...
> Please not the "more comfortable" part ;)
> Both have their advantages and disadvantages.
> Although it would be nice to be able to integrate AUCTeX's and
> ESS's shortcuts more fluently.
> Is there a "noweb" ML/NG?
> Cheers
> Patrick
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"Commit early,commit often, and commit in a repository from which we can easily
roll-back your mistakes" (AJR, 4Jan05).

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