[ESS] ess-developers/users using sweave/auctex

Patrick Drechsler patrick at pdrechsler.de
Tue Apr 5 23:39:52 CEST 2005

Hi A.J.,

sorry for the late response.

A. J. Rossini wrote on 31 Mar 2005 08:42:07 MET:

> Here's an example Makefile which might be useful

[...snipped nice example makefile...]

Thanks for posting your example! I will give it a try. I still
haven't decided which is more comfortable: David's solution or

Please not the "more comfortable" part ;) 

Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Although it would be nice to be able to integrate AUCTeX's and
ESS's shortcuts more fluently.

Is there a "noweb" ML/NG?


Jetzt fehlen noch die Briten, die sich bei den Buren entschuldigen,
die Türken, die sich zum Massaker an den Armeniern bekennen, und die
Österreicher, die sich von der Vorstellung trennen, sie seien das
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29.5.2001, zur Geschichtsaufarbeitung in Europa)

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