[ESS] configuring the ess-toolbar under emacs

Woodrow Setzer wsetzer at mindspring.com
Tue Apr 5 23:27:35 CEST 2005

No, I did not get it.  However, I have (require 'ess-site) in site-start.el (or something like that; I don't have access to my linux box right now).  The point is,  ess is started before it reads the configuration information in .emacs, so the toolbar is already set up when any changes recorded in ~/.emacs are read.

If you use emacs's configuration dialogs, you get something very like your suggestion.  

I had two motives for posting my question:
1)  I really wanted to know if there was another way to solve my problem (currently I recreate the toolbar, using code copied from ess-toolbar.el, at the end of .emacs)
2)  I wanted to point out a situation in which the "standard" approach to reconfiguring emacs did not seem to work.  It looks like there needs to be provision for "hooks" in the block of configuration code that gets put in .emacs that would include functions that were executed during that late part of initialization.

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Dear Woodrow,
I don't know if you got the following that I sent just to you last


you might try something like the following in your .emacs before
(require 'ess-site) line:

(setq ess-toolbar-items
  '( (R   "startr"  "Start R process")
     (S   "spluslogo" "Start S process")
     (ess-eval-line-and-step   "rline" "Eval line & step")
     (ess-eval-region   "rregion" "Eval region")))

and then restart emacs.  (Untested: not at a machine where I can test
this right now.)

I'm still waiting (since May last year) for a compatability library to
provide portable toolbar code across Emacs and XEmacs.  This is yet
another time when I wished everyone just used Emacs!


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