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Martin Maechler maechler at stat.math.ethz.ch
Wed May 12 11:48:45 CEST 2004

>>>>> "Webb" == Webb Sprague <wwsprague at ucdavis.edu>
>>>>>     on Tue, 11 May 2004 10:50:30 -0700 writes:

    Webb> Hi all.  I tried to subscribe to this group as a
    Webb> regular (not digest mode) subscriber, but was put on
    Webb> as digest--is there a way to fix this?

Yes, every subscriber can change this easily, see below.

But you are right: 
It's wrong that the 'digest' option has been the default.
I wonder how this came about and  I've changed this now.

    Webb> As a side note--gmane.org only archives this group
    Webb> with digests--probably not the most useful behaviour.
    Webb> If we fix the digest bug it might help gmane too.

For people (or "machines"!) already subscribed, the behavior
doesn't change.

But I did find and change the 'gmane' subscription
and did the same for you since this was quick when already
logged in to the membership management page.

But please, don't ask me to do the change manually for others!
There are too many and it's well worth to look at your
subscription page (giving your e-mail and password at the bottom
of the ML webpage at the end of every mailing list messag)
anyway and see the options you have, including the following
which most people don't know about, and is much better than
"unsubscribe" when you go away for a while :

>>  Mail delivery
>> Set this option to Enabled to receive messages posted to this mailing list. Set it to Disabled if you want to stay subscribed, but don't want mail delivered to you for a while (e.g. you're going on vacation). If you disable mail delivery, don't forget to re-enable it when you come back; it will not be automatically re-enabled.


Note that you can also do everything by e-mail instead of the
web interface. You'll get info on this by sending 'help' to the 
ESS-help-request@ address, or simply (in a unix-alike)
    echo help | mail ESS-help-request at stat.math.ethz.ch

Thank you, Webb, for alerting me to the fact of the erronous
'digest' default!

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