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Kasper Daniel Hansen K.Hansen at
Thu Aug 21 15:46:55 CEST 2003

> At my department we have various servers dedicated to computing. I want
> to setup ESS so that whenever I use eg. SAS (but also R) I run it on a
> different server than the one I'm using Emacs on. My first thought
> (which is probably not the smartest) is to redifine the sas command to
> something like "ssh server sas" (or whatever the syntax specifically
> is).
> There must be other people who have attacked this problem. What is the
> canonical approach (using Linux btw. and accessing a combination of
> Linux and Solaris servers).

Following the advice of this list I have used the obvious
  (setq ess-sas-submit-command "ssh rasch /usr/local/bin/sas82")
to do a remote execution (we're running ssh-agent so we don't need to set the 
password). Since this works I'm tempted to move onwards :)

Now I want to have two variables, such as
and I want ess-sas-sumbit-command to work something like
  (setq ess-sas-submit-command "ssh $sasserver /usr/local/bin/$sasversion)

ess-sas-submit-command should echo "ssh rasch /usr/local/bin/sas82". The idea 
is that if I do a
  M-x set-variable sasversion 6
ess-sas-submit-command should now echo "ssh rasch /usr/local/bin/sas6". This 
way people could change server in an easy-to-remember way, without restarting 

Basically, what I want is to have ess-sas-submit-command to be build out of 
some strings and two variables which are looked up whenever 
ess-sas-submit-command is used.

I'm not to familiar with LISP, so how do I code something like that above?
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