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Mon Aug 18 16:09:38 CEST 2003

Kasper Daniel Hansen <kaha at> writes:

> At my department we have various servers dedicated to computing. I want 
> to setup ESS so that whenever I use eg. SAS (but also R) I run it on a 
> different server than the one I'm using Emacs on. My first thought 
> (which is probably not the smartest) is to redifine the sas command to 
> something like "ssh server sas" (or whatever the syntax specifically 
> is).

For R, look at ESS-elsewhere, which is an ugly hacked function which
needs cleaning.  It works, though.

For SAS, I think some of it works "out of the box" for the batch
approach to SAS (submission of files for evaluation, not
line-at-a-time), but for the "line-at-a-time/command-line/interactive"
approach, you'd need to redefine the SAS shell script.  I recommend
the former, though, as a more stable approach.


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