Evaluating code in .Rnw (R/tex) buffers

Anthony Rossini rossini at u.washington.edu
Tue Mar 26 22:36:30 CET 2002

On Tue, 26 Mar 2002, Stephen Eglen wrote:

> What problems did you see with using .Rnw for the extension.

Why not just .nw, the "standard", if you've got XLispStat, SAS, C, Python, PERL, Fortran, etc code in the document?  This is not a slight at the effort, just that the tools being used are fairly general, and I've got examples where I'd rather not be boxed in.
> Ah, okay.  my little snippet solved the problem I found with the test
> file, but yes, it may introduce other problems or not correct all the
> problems.

I think it is probably worth adding an Sweave mode, since your snippet works for "strict" Sweave files/problems (just not in the general case).

I'll need to think about it (and not promise anything soon).

For others that might be interested, my current work is adding support for S and SAS to the semantic package, which then will make ECB (a great development environment for Emacs) work with ESS.  All else is secondary, at least for my personal needs.


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