Evaluating code in .Rnw (R/tex) buffers

Stephen Eglen eglen at pcg.wustl.edu
Tue Mar 26 21:35:10 CET 2002


 > Yes, I've used it for a while.  It's nice, though I wish they'd not
 > used .Rnw for the extension.

Yes, one little problem is that the reftex table of contents won't
work out of the box.  reftex-toc assumes that the file has .tex
suffix.  To get around this, I used a "local variable" at the end of
my .tex file:

  %%% Local Variables: 
  %%% mode: latex
  %%% TeX-default-extension: "Rnw"
  %%% End: 

and now reftex-toc is working again.

What problems did you see with using .Rnw for the extension.

 > The process problem is not going to be easily solved, short of
 > doing the code right (which means probably mmm-mode, not the
 > noweb-mode hacks).  What you suggest may not work, since noweb-mode
 > re-initializes the sub-mode and does something similar to
 > narrow-to-region.  Part of the problem can be realized by actually
 > doing noweb programming in multiple languages.

Ah, okay.  my little snippet solved the problem I found with the test
file, but yes, it may introduce other problems or not correct all the

 > As far as the Sweave stuff, we probably can add a hot-key to do it.

Best wishes, 

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