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Fri Mar 15 15:44:34 CET 2002

>>>>> "Dennis" == Dennis L Malandro <nawlnz at> writes:

    Dennis> Hello, In ESS, whenever the cursor is in the first
    Dennis> column of a commented line (a line beginning with
    Dennis> #), hitting enter moves it to the 41st column of the
    Dennis> next line.  How can I make it just go to the first
    Dennis> column of the next line?

by replacing the one "#" by three, i.e. "###".

Usually you should use "##" for ``commented lines''.

Note that in ESS (for a few years now), there's the function
ess-fix-comments (you invoke it by M-x ess-fix-comments)
which is documented as

    ess-fix-comments is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `essl-s'.
    (ess-fix-comments &optional DONT-QUERY VERBOSE)

    Fix ess-mode buffer so that single-line comments start with at least `##'.

Further note that ess-fix-comments is automatically called by
	M-x ess-MM-fix-src

which I have been using routinely for years now in order to fix
other S users' code (guess where "MM" comes from) ..

    Dennis> Thanks a lot, Dennis

you'r welcome!

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