5 sec wait on C-c C-l

Rich Heiberger rmh at surfer.sbm.temple.edu
Thu Mar 7 01:43:18 CET 2002

The delay really is there in ESS and it is not in your setup.
The delay was inserted because some parts of the interaction between
emacs and S or R are not synchronous on Windows and we have to allow enough
time for them to complete.

The delays are necessary in the M-x S+4 and S+6 for windows because both
of those dialects are independent processes rather than inferior processes
under the control of emacs.

I don't know first-hand what problems the other delays are solving because
I didn't put them there myself.  Nor do I know if there is a difference
in the behavior if you are running cygwin bash as your emacs shell instead
of msdos.  Please feel free to investigate the need for the various delays.
You can find them by looking for occurences of sleep-for in the lisp files.

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