[R] Configuring ESS for SAS on Win NT & Win 2000

Brett Presnell presnell at stat.ufl.edu
Mon Jul 8 17:32:39 CEST 2002

Thanks very much to Tony and Rich for the additional information.  I
just want to clarify two things.

First, dired-guess-shell-alist-user is provided by dired-x, so you do
need to load that to use the features that I was suggesting.  The same
holds for dired-clean-tex. I find both of these to be enormously

Second, when I said

brett> ... the last time I did use the SAS interface, I wouldn't have
brett> said that it was interactive in any meaningful sense of the
brett> word anyway,

I was indeed talking about SAS's old 3-"window" terminal screen (SAS
also had (has?) an X11 version of the same thing).  I have never used
ESS's interactive/batch features for SAS, so I was definitely NOT
casting dispersions on ESS's SAS interface.  However, I'm worried that
Rich and Tony might have interpreted my comments that way, which I
never anticipated when I sent the message.  In fact, given the
limitations of the SAS way of doing things (more knowledgeable SAS
users will please forgive my ignorance here), I'm don't know what else
one could ask from a SAS interface for emacs that allows one to edit
SAS files, submit them to SAS, and browse the output files (.lst,
.log) automatically.

So, sorry for any noise I've added to the list.  As it turns out, it
was useful for me, as I will probably try ESS's SAS batch capabilities
next time I am forced to use SAS.  Because I've been happy with my
dired approach, I'm not sure that I would have bothered checking for
this if it hadn't been for these postings (I actually haven't had to
use SAS since ess-5.1.21 arrived, so I hadn't seen the relevant info
pages).  I hope that someone will find the dired-x infomation equally
useful, if maybe a bit off-topic.

Brett Presnell
Department of Statistics
University of Florida
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