[R] Configuring ESS for SAS on Win NT & Win 2000

A.J. Rossini rossini at blindglobe.net
Mon Jul 8 00:36:33 CEST 2002

>>>>> "brett" == Brett Presnell <presnell at stat.ufl.edu> writes:

    brett> I should start by confessing possible ignorance about using SAS
    brett> interactively.  I don't use SAS interactively, and the last time I did
    brett> use the SAS interface, I wouldn't have said that it was interactive in
    brett> any meaningful sense of the word anyway, just an editor and windows to
    brett> look at the log and out files and so forth.  Maybe that has changed
    brett> without my knowledge.

Brett -

What we've currently got are 2 approaches within ESS:

1. "Interactive", i.e. emulation of SAS's old 3-"window" terminal
   screen.   This is literally interactive to the same extent that
   R/S-PLUS is interactive -- you've got direct access to what SAS
   used to have for a command-line :-).

2. "Batch".  This just sets up function keys to have whole files
   evaluated, with other function keys to visit LST and LOG files.  In
   the above approach, both are active buffers as opposed to being
   files to visit...

What we might not have that once existed (and I'll refer this to Tom
Cook's SAS mode, which I worked on back in 1994/1995) --
"submit-region", where header and footer regions of the SAS file are
added to the current region, and the resulting buffer is/was submitted
as a batch job to sas (header/footer are to make sure that the right
dataset is being worked with).  This was extremely useful and powerful
(as well as flaky), and with all things of that nature, able to shoot
yourself in the foot (i.e. end up with an analysis that you do not
know how to recreate).

On the other hand, you've gotten some (most?) of what we have (well,
via the batch option) by creative Emacs programming, and the use of a
great tool :-).  The one similar tool that I'm looking at extending in
the same fashion (have been, for at least 18 months now... ARGH!) is
ECB, Emacs Code Browser, which overlays speedbar/object/directory like
functionality within a window.  It is currently only lacking a
debugged rudimentary grammar (in the comp sci use of the word; yacc,
flex, or similar thingy) for languages to support...

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