Configuring ESS for SAS on Win NT & Win 2000

Robert Balshaw Rob.Balshaw at
Fri Jul 5 02:40:16 CEST 2002

Is there anyone who would be able to assist me in configuring GNU Emacs, ESS,
and SAS on my Windows NT and Windows 2000 machines?

I have been successful running R in ESS, thanks to the excellent examples I've
found for helping with .emacs and related files.

SAS, however, seems to be a horse of a different colour.

Thus far, I can edit .sas files using ESS. However, when I call for SAS (
Alt-X SAS"), Emacs responds:

apply: Spawning child process: invalid argument

(the above copied from the *Messages* buffer).

I suspect this is due to problems with some variable associated with
inferior-SAS-program-name or inferior-SAS-args, but I'm getting in over my head,

Thanks for any pointers - I'd be delighted to be told to read 'document X'.  So
far, the online documents I've read and the documents embedded within ESS 'docs'
directory appear to assume a Unix environment.



P.S.  I will summarize any discoveries/imparted wisdoms to the group, so feel
free to respond directly.

P.P.S.  I inefficiently asked this same question on the r-help mailing list.  My
apologies to those who have now seen it twice, and my thanks to those who
referred me to this list.

-- Robert Balshaw, Ph.D.
-- Senior Biostatistician, Syreon Corp.
-- Phone: (604) 822-5199; Fax: (604) 822-5911

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