error in ESS-5.1.19 with xemacs 21.4.4

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at
Wed Jan 9 15:46:27 CET 2002


ESS 5.1.19 should work on both of these versions of xemacs.  I'm guessing that 
you have byte-compiled, .elc, your ESS elisp files.  If so, then try deleting 
those.  If not, let me know.


>From: "Ronaldo Reis Jr." <chrysopa at>
>To: ESS-help at
>Subject: error in ESS-5.1.19 with xemacs 21.4.4
>Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2002 11:38:57 -0200
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>Hi all
>I have make an upgrade of my xemacs from version 21.1 to 21.4.4 on a 
>mandrake-linux. Then I install ESS-5.1.19. In xemacs-21.1 this works OK, but 
>in version 21.4.4 the ESS dont work.
>The complete (xemacs -debug-init) error is:
>Signaling: (invalid-byte-code "variable reference to constant symbol :group")
>  byte-code("..." [:group :prefix nil (byte-code "ÀÁ!‡" [require custom] 2) 
>((error)) featurep custom fboundp custom-declare-variable defgroup (macro . 
>#<compiled-function ... "...(2)" ... 1>) defface (macro . #<compiled-function 
>... "...(4)" ... 2>) defcustom (macro . #<compiled-function ... "...(6)" ... 
>4>) custom-declare-group ess "ESS: Emacs Speaks Statistics." local ess-edit 
>"ESS: editing behavior." "ess-" ess-proc "ESS: process control." ess-command 
>"ESS: Commands for various things." ess-hooks "ESS: hooks for customization." 
>ess-S "ESS: S Languages." ess-origS "ESS: Original S Dialect from Bell 
>Labs/AT&T." ess-SPLUS "ESS: S-PLUS Dialect of S." ess-R "ESS: R Dialect of 
>S." ess-SAS "ESS: SAS." ess-Stata "ESS: Stata." ess-XLS "ESS: XLispStat." 
>"ESS: Omegahat." ess-mouse "ESS: Mouse."] 8)
>  load-internal("ess-cust" nil t nil nil nil)
>  load("ess-cust" nil t nil)
>  require(ess-cust)
>  byte-code("..." [window-system noninteractive require easymenu font-lock 
>ess-emcs ess-cust] 2)
>  load-internal("ess" nil t nil nil nil)
>  load("ess" nil t nil)
>  require(ess)
>  load-internal("ess-mode" nil t nil nil nil)
>  load("ess-mode" nil t nil)
>  require(ess-mode)
>  ess-toggle-underscore(force-to-S-assign)
>  load-internal("essl-s" nil t nil nil nil)
>  load("essl-s" nil t nil)
>  require(essl-s)
>  byte-code("..." [ess-message "[essd-r:] (require 'essl-s)" require essl-s 
>"[essd-r:] (autoload ..) & (def** ..)"] 2)
>  load-internal("essd-r" nil t nil nil nil)
>  load("essd-r" nil t nil)
>  require(essd-r)
>  byte-code("..." [auto-mode-alist max-specpdl-size window-system 
>sas-mode-local-map ess-customize-alist assoc "\\.[rR]\\'" append (("\\.sp\\'" 
>. S-mode) ("\\.[qsS]\\'" . S-mode) ("\\.ssc\\'" . S-mode) ("\\.[rR]\\'" . 
>R-mode) ("\\.[rR]profile\\'" . R-mode) ("\\.omg\\'" . omegahat-mode) 
>("\\.hat\\'" . omegahat-mode) ("\\.lsp\\'" . XLS-mode) ("\\.do\\'" . 
>STA-mode) ("\\.ado\\'" . STA-mode) ("\\.sas\\'" . SAS-mode) ("\\.SAS\\'" . 
>SAS-mode) ("\\.[Ss]t\\'" . S-transcript-mode) ("\\.[Ss]out" . 
>S-transcript-mode) ("\\.[Rr]t\\'" . R-transcript-mode) ("\\.[Rr]out" . 
>R-transcript-mode) ("\\.Rd\\'" . Rd-mode) ("\\.[Bb][Uu][Gg]\\'" . 
>ess-bugs-mode) ("\\.[Bb][Oo][Gg]\\'" . ess-bugs-mode) ("\\.[Bb][Mm][Dd]\\'" . 
>ess-bugs-mode)) set-default inferior-OMG-program-name "omegahat" 
>inferior-ess-ddeclient "Initial" inferior-ess-client-name 
>inferior-ess-client-command 700 ess-message "[ess-site:] Before requiring 
>dialect 'essd-** ...." "[ess-site:] require 'essd-r ..." require essd-r 
>"[ess-site:] require 'essd-s4 ..." essd-s4 "[ess-site:] require 'essd-sp3 
>..." essd-sp3 w32 win32 mswindows "[ess-site:] require 'essd-sp4 ..." 
>essd-sp4 "[ess-site:] require 'essdsp6w ..." essdsp6w "[ess-site:] require 
>'essd-sp5 ..." essd-sp5 "[ess-site:] require 'essd-sp6 ..." essd-sp6 
>"[ess-site:] require 'essd-sta ..." essd-sta "[ess-site:] require 'essd-xls 
>..." essd-xls "[ess-site:] require 'essd-vst ..." essd-vst "[ess-site:] 
>require 'essd-arc ..." essd-arc "[ess-site:] require 'essd-sas ..." essd-sas 
>switch-to-buffer "" sas-mode ...] 4)
>  load-internal("/usr/lib/xemacs/xemacs-packages/lisp/ess/lisp/ess-site" nil 
>nil nil nil nil)
>  load("/usr/lib/xemacs/xemacs-packages/lisp/ess/lisp/ess-site")
>  load-internal("/home/og/.xemacs/init.el" t t t nil nil)
>  load("/home/og/.xemacs/init.el" t t t)
>  load-user-init-file()
>  load-init-file()
>  command-line()
>  normal-top-level()
>Is possible to use ESS with this version of xemacs???
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