problem viewing S help files

Rich Heiberger rmh at
Tue Jan 8 15:01:20 CET 2002

I assume you are using S-Plus 6 for Unix.  We don't have a totally
satisfactory response yet.  Here are several that are recommended
by Insightful.

>One workaround is to call
>       options(help.pager="slynx -dump")
>('slynx' is a version of lynx modified for use with Splus help files.)
>This dumps the whole formatted help file into your buffer and you can
>use emacs to page through it.  However, the links will not work.

> Here's a variation on that:
>         options(help.pager = "slynx -dump -nolist")
> This prevents the non-working links from being shown.

> Another workaround (if you have an X server running) is to use
>       help(lm, window=T)
> That puts up an xterm window running slynx to view the help file.
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