problem viewing S help files

Robert M Dorazio bob_dorazio at
Tue Jan 8 14:16:32 CET 2002

When I use ESS to request S help files, the information placed in the
*help(obj-name)* buffer does not appear to be correct.  (e.g., below is the
output which appears on typing "C-c C-v sum" within the ESS edit buffer.

How can I obtain correct behavior?

Bob Dorazio

P.S. I'm using Solaris 2.7, ESS version 5.1.19, XEmacs version 21.1

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// searching is disabled until the applet is initialized
enableSearch = false;
function searchInIndex (srch_trm) {
theUrl =;
if (theUrl.length() == 0) {
return ;
  <body bgcolor='#FFFFFF'>

<H1>Sums and Products
<H2> DESCRIPTION: </H2>Returns the number that is the sum or product of all
of the elements of
all of the arguments.  Missing values may optionally be removed before
the computations.
<H2> USAGE: </H2>
<PRE>sum(..., na.rm=F)
prod(..., na.rm=F)

numeric or complex objects.
Missing values ( <TT>NA</TT>s) are allowed, but will cause the value
to be  <TT>NA</TT>, unless  <TT>na.rm=TRUE</TT>.
logical flag: should missing values be removed before computation?
This must be specified in the  <TT>na.rm=</TT> form.
<H2> VALUE: </H2>
<DL>the sum or product of all the elements of all the arguments.
If the total length of all the arguments is 0,  <TT>sum</TT> returns
and  <TT>prod</TT> returns  <TT>1</TT>.
These functions are members of the  <TT>Summary</TT> group of generic

<H2>  WARNING: </H2>

The  <TT>sum</TT> function performs integer arithmetic if all
of the numbers are considered integers.
If overflow occurs, integer arithmetic "wraps around" rather than producing
an error or an  <TT>NA</TT>.  For example,
returns  <TT>-2147483615</TT>.

<H2> SEE ALSO: </H2>
<OBJECT CLASSID="java:com.insightful.splus.SplusJhHyperlink">
<param name="id" value="cumsum">
<param name="text" value="cumsum">
<param name="textColor" value="blue">
<OBJECT CLASSID="java:com.insightful.splus.SplusJhHyperlink">
<param name="id" value="Arithmetic">
<param name="text" value="Arithmetic">
<param name="textColor" value="blue">
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