filename completion not working: xemacs on NT

Wiener, Matthew Charles matthew_wiener at
Thu Nov 1 21:38:03 CET 2001

Hi.  I'm using ESS-5.1.19 running under Xemacs 21.4.3 on a Windows NT

Object-name completion works fine (and much faster than NTemacs!).  However,
file-name completion doesn't work at all.  Whenever I try to complete a
filename (by hitting tab), "last thing matched was not a buffer".
Under NTemacs 20.7, where object name completion is extremely slow, filename
completion works very quickly.

So far I prefer good object name completion to good file name completion,
but if there's any way to have both (as I do on my linux machine at home)
I'd like to know about it.  

Thanks for any help.

Matt Wiener

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