completion (was RE: S+6 and BUGS support in the next version.)

Rich Heiberger rmh at
Mon Jul 30 21:52:24 CEST 2001

I tried both C-c TAB and TAB in *R* and with *S+4:2* process in
iESS(Sqpe) mode with ESS 5.19 (May 17) in NTemacs 21.0.  They both
seem to work and to take a long time.  What is the difference?  Does
TAB eventually call C-c TAB?  Neither saves the ess-r-namedb.el file.
I needed to explicitly run M-x ess-create-object-name-db to save the
file, even though it looks (from the message line) like it is doing
the same work as TAB.  From the comments, it looks like I need to move
the ess-r-namedb.el file to somewhere for this to be effective on the
next access to R.  Where is the somewhere?  My first guess is
   c:/Program Files/R/rw1021/library/ess-r-namedb.el
   C:/Program Files/spls45se/s/ess-sp4-namedb.el
Is that correct?

>From the tmp.s buffer attached to the *R* process, C-c TAB works.

>From the tmp.s buffer attached to the *S+4:2* process in iESS(Sqpe) mode,
C-c TAB works.

>From the tmp.s buffer attached to the *S+4* buffer in ddeESS mode,
C-c TAB completion doesn't work.  This is probably because I didn't write
ess-complete-object-name-ddeclient which would need to be in ess-iw32.el.

Tony, can you modify TAB (in the *R* or *S*) buffer and C-c TAB and
ess-create-object-name-db (or all three) to propose a useful place to
store the database?

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