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Thanks for the info.

I tried c-c TAB under NTEmacs and it works for R, although quite slow (even
though I've created the namedb files).  The first time I tried it took about
a minute.  Subsequent use still takes a few seconds.  Is this normal, or
could my setup be the problem?

Also, when I tried this with ddeESS, it complained that "ESS process not
ready.  Finish your command before trying again".  Do I need to do things
differently there?

On another subject: from some posts about a month ago, I get the impression
that it is now possible to use ESS under NT Xemacs.  I installed Xemacs on
my NT4sp6 box, but have difficulty using ESS under it.  Are there things I
need to setup differently than NTEmacs?

Thanks for your help!


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Andy -

I'm sending this off to the general list, as a general FYI, as well.

>>>>> "AL" == Andy Liaw <Liaw> writes:

    AL> Hi Tony, Thanks for fixing the object name completion for
    AL> Splus 6.  I have a couple more questions:

    AL> o Can you give some instructions on how to get ESS through
    AL> anon. CVS?  There's mention in README for 5.1.18, but no
    AL> details.

You might have problems through a corp. firewall, but if you don't (I
don't; we run a SOCKS based firewall at FHCRC, and it took a bit of
time, but we solved it):

get a CVS client, any CVS client (that works with your firewall).

the repository name is:

        :pserver:anoncvs at

so using a command-line cvs client (i.e. cvs as provided by Linux, or
built for unix), you'd do:

   cvs -d  :pserver:anoncvs at login

password is anoncvs


   cvs -d  :pserver:anoncvs at co ess

I think that should work, anyway...

    AL> o Related to object name completion: What do I need to do to
    AL> get object name completion when editing a .[qrs] file that's
    AL> linked to either a running iESS process (running either R or
    AL> Splus), or a DDE connection to Splus?  In your response to
    AL> Rich Heiberger, you said it's possible, but there are no
    AL> instructions...

I think simply C-c TAB   should do completion, ONCE the inferior ESS
process has slurped the object database for names.  At least it works
for me under R (which morally ought to be identical to S-PLUS under
the other systems, at least from Emacs/ESS's viewpoint).


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