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Martin Henry H. Stevens hstevens at
Wed Jul 25 15:30:35 CEST 2001

Windows 2000, Emacs 20.7, ESS 5.18, R 1.3.0
I am an pre-novice user ESS and emacs, having just started in order to
better use R.

I have done something to make ESS indent halfway across the page following a
complete statement and a <return> whenever I am editing a *.R file (e.g.
"rfile.R"). It also happens when I hit TAB at the beginning of a new line.
This does NOT happen, however, when I am in the middle of writing a
function. So, typing

plot(a, b, xlab="Mean Temperature") <return>
                                                               Next line
starts here  Causes this.


plot(a,b, <return>
     xlab="Mean Temperature") causes that.

Any ideas?

Thank you,

Martin Henry H. Stevens
HStevens at
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Miami University
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