New to ESS - Install Question

Marc Feldesman feldesmanm at
Thu May 4 18:57:41 CEST 2000

I'm a brand new user of both XEmacs (21.1.9) and ESS (5.1.13) running under 
Windows NT and Windows 98.  My experience with Unix is limited to receiving 
email using PINE.  I want to use ESS with SPLUS 2000 and with R (1.0.1)

The install of XEmacs was straightforward.  I placed it into:

D:\Program Files\XEmacs

I installed ESS into:

D:\Program Files\XEmacs\ESS-5.1.13

I found the instructions for configuring ESS to run with XEmacs to be quite 
confusing since it is not clear whether anything needs to be run through 
"Make" or not.  (I'm not unfamiliar with Make - I use the version that 
comes with several Borland/Inprise products).  Tony Rossini kindly told me 
that I shouldn't have to "make" anything, but that if I did, I'd need the 
"make" that comes with the cygwin package, which I don't have (yet).

So, back to installing ESS.  I don't have a tar file; my copy came as a zip 
file, so all the instructions that exquisitely describe how to deal with 
tar files are probably unnecessary.

Given what I've offered so far, can someone (perhaps backchannel) tell me 
what needs to be done to 1) get XEmacs to find the necessary ESS files and 
2) get XEmacs to recognize the ESS files needed to spawn SPLUS 2000 and 
also R.

When I edit the ess-site.el file, telling it what it seems to want or need, 
the byte-compilation fails because it can't find one or more files that are 
sitting in the same directory as the ess-site.el file.

Since I'm new to both XEmacs *and* ESS, solving the problem is taking 
longer than I think it ought to take.  Some crucial piece of information 
seems to be lacking, but I don't enough to know what.  I've read the readme 
files and anything else that seems pertinent.  So far, no luck.

So, if you could help out a clueless newbie, I'd appreciate it.  Please 
feel free to email me back-channel if you'd rather keep this off the list.

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