ess-elsewhere problem

Rich Heiberger rmh at
Wed Jan 12 07:23:35 CET 2000

Thank you for your questions.

What computers are you using at either end of the phone line?
My answers are based on local Windows95 and remote Unix.

1. I see a temporary workaround for the ^M in the help files.
In the *help[S+3](whatever)* buffer, it is easy to remove the
^M characters.  We bring this buffer up read-only.  You will have to change
that with    C-x C-x
  (This is an instruction for S+elsewhere.  I think it will also work for
   ESS-elsewhere.  DO NOT change the read-only for S+4)
Then you can remove the ^M  with the sequence
M-x < M-x replace-string RET C-q C-m RET RET

A permanent fix is something we have to do, essentially forcing the removal
of the ^M characters before the buffer is displayed.

2. The C-c C-d problem looks like another one that we have to solve.
Again, a work-around is to print the function to the screen and then pick it
up with a C-@ C-w sequence and move it manually into a local myfunction.s file.
Send it back edited with the C-c C-n or C-c C-r sequences.

3. The working directory request is intentional.  The idea is that you maintain
your myfile.s files of S code on the local machine and do the execution on the
remote one.

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