ess-elsewhere problem

Tony Q . Zhang q0z at
Wed Jan 12 01:09:18 CET 2000

   I'm trying ess-elsewhere mode, but met several problem, can somebody help?
When I start ESS-elsewhere, it always first asks me for the working direstory. So, I have to give it a local directory to get a start. (the doc may have talked about this somewhere). My real problem is that I cannot load local function to edit. If I use C-c C-d, it always print out .Last.value <- get(".ess.lvsave",frame=0) message, which annoying, and then it cannot find my function but start a new blank page. Besides, help on object doesn't work well either, it prints out help page but with lots of ^M^M^M.

   Is this just because of incomplete development, or I have a wrong setup?
many thanks for any suggestion

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