[BioC] annotation of a probe in hgu133plus2

Mayte Suarez-Farinas farinam at mail.rockefeller.edu
Thu Jan 9 18:10:50 CET 2014

Dear annotation builders

I notice that one of my favorite genes DEFB4A is missing from the hgu133plus2.db 
the NetAffy database says that probeset 207356_at correspond to gene DEFB4A
yet getSYMBOL('207356_at','hgu133plus2.db') returns NA. This happen in newer versions of
this package, since it has been tehre before.. This gene is extremely important in 
lots skin diseases, inflammation etc, so it is a concern for my colleagues
Any help is appreciated,

Mayte Suarez-Farinas
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Biostatistician, Center for Clinical and Translational Science
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