[BioC] Job: Bioinformatician (postdoc, indefinite) Pirbright Institute

Jan T Kim jttkim at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 27 16:36:19 CET 2013

Dear All,

this opportunity should be suitable for many with a few years of
bioconductor experience.

Best regards, Jan

Bioinformatician (POST REF: IRC86333)

For full details please refer to


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The Centre for Integrative Biology consists of bioinformaticians,
mathematical biologists, epidemiologists and statisticians who support
and develop the viral diseases-led research of the Institute. The
Centre has a dual role, carrying out its own research, while also
providing support to scientists involved in quantitative biology.
Members collaborate closely with laboratory and field scientists and
strengthen the design and analysis of in vivo and in vitro studies on
host-pathogen interactions and of national and international
surveillance and epidemiological activities at the Institute. The post
holder will develop a programme of research in bioinformatics in
collaboration with Institute scientists. He or she will also help
maintain and develop the bioinformatics infrastructure and provide
general bioinformatics support and advice.


The post will be in the Bioinformatics group and the post holder will
report to the Head of Bioinformatics.


Responsible for bioinformatics, which will include:

* developing a programme of research in bioinformatics
* interacting with other members of the Institute to establish
  collaborative research links
* helping maintain and develop the bioinformatics infrastructure
* developing/participating in the development of bioinformatics applications and
  analysis pipelines
* providing bioinformatics support and training to staff and students
* liaising with bioinformatics groups at other BBSRC institutes and elsewhere
* playing a full role in the research life of the Institute and
  representing it externally as required

This job description is only an outline of the tasks, responsibilities
and outcomes required of the role. The jobholder will carry out any
other duties as may be reasonably required by his/her line manager.
The job description and personal specification may be reviewed on an
ongoing basis in accordance with the changing needs of the Human
Resources Division and The Pirbright Institute.

All employees shall actively participate in the Institute- wide
quality assurance system in conjunction with the Institute's Quality
Manager. Employees are also expected to safeguard their own health and
safety and security by following policies and all employees are
responsible for the Health and Safety and security of staff under
their management.

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