[BioC] DESeq estimateDispersions() problem

Karl Lundén karl.lunden at slu.se
Thu May 31 14:29:42 CEST 2012

Dear all,
I can not get the DESeq function estimateDispersions() to function as it usually
does. Have there been any recent updates in DESeq or in R that explains why
estimateDispersions doesn't work? I use R on a grid engine and everything worked
fine earlier this spring.
> library(DESeq)
> ?newCountDataSet()
> library(DESeq)
> ?estimateDispersions()
Error in .helpForCall(topicExpr, parent.frame()) : 
  no methods for 'estimateDispersions' and no documentation for it as a function
> estimateDispersions()
Error: could not find function "estimateDispersions"

## Other functions do work
> newCountDataSet()
Error in as.matrix(countData) : 
  argument "countData" is missing, with no default

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