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Yue Li gorillayue at gmail.com
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Installing RStudio is definitely a breeze. Yes, it allows to choose between several theme for syntax colouring. It is a great tool. I'm looking forward to its future release.

Meanwhile, been trying Eclipse/StarET for a while, which is more preferred in my case but may not apply to all. 

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> I am trying to develop a package with lots of scripts in it but find myself have many windows of source scripts (each for a function) open in R GUI. I am trying an IDE called R Studio. It has great potential but currently the syntax colouring is very poor (black, blue, or green, that's it ...) and the tabs are not movable etc.
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> Not that it's necessarily what you mean, but translating your literal complaint about syntax highlighting, you might not realize that:  Tools | Options | Appearance lets you choose from several syntax highlighting options in RStudio.   Agree that it would be nice to drag the order of the tabs around, but a workaround is to close tabs and open them in an appropriate order.  I personally like the (installation ease)/functionality ratio of RStudio.
> RStudio is still very young, and the developers are very responsive to feedback and suggestions.
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