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I am trying to develop a package with lots of scripts in it but find myself 
have many windows of source scripts (each for a function) open in R GUI. I 
am trying an IDE called R Studio. It has great potential but currently the 
syntax colouring is very poor (black, blue, or green, that's it ...) and the 
tabs are not movable etc.
Not that it's necessarily what you mean, but translating your literal 
complaint about syntax highlighting, you might not realize that:  Tools | 
Options | Appearance lets you choose from several syntax highlighting 
options in RStudio.   Agree that it would be nice to drag the order of the 
tabs around, but a workaround is to close tabs and open them in an 
appropriate order.  I personally like the (installation ease)/functionality 
ratio of RStudio.

RStudio is still very young, and the developers are very responsive to 
feedback and suggestions.


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