[BioC] [limma] 0 weights = removed from analysis?

mjonczyk at biol.uw.edu.pl mjonczyk at biol.uw.edu.pl
Tue Aug 23 19:17:44 CEST 2011

Dear List Members,

in limma manual is stated that 
"A zero weight indicates that the spot should be ignored in all analysis as
being unreliable".
lmFit function uses information from weights.
Is that means that zero-weight spots will not be used in functions:
contrasts.fit, eBayes, decideTests and topTable? I.e. is zero-weight spot
treated as having missing values for fluorescence in these functions?

Best Regards,
Maciej Jończyk, MSc
Department of Plant Molecular Ecophysiology
Institute of Plant Experimental Biology
Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw
02-096 Warszawa, Miecznikowa

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