[BioC] affy package and ST arrays

Michal Blazejczyk michal.blazejczyk at mail.mcgill.ca
Tue Dec 14 05:52:34 CET 2010

Dear list,

I have a question.  I've noticed that The most recent Biocinductor
version contains CDF packages for Affymetrix's ST arrays.

As a result, functions such as rma() or just.rma() now work well with
these arrays, which is great.

However, many other normalization functions (e.g. gcrma(), mas5(),
mas5calls.AffyBatch(), or justPlier()) are still throwing errors.

Does anybody know if there are plans to make these other methods work
with the CDF packages for ST arrays?

Best regards,

Michal Blazejczyk
FlexArray Lead Developer
McGill University and Genome Quebec Innovation Centre
514-398-4400 x09625

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