[BioC] how to combine p values?

Moshe Olshansky m_olshansky at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 10 00:37:03 CET 2010

Hi Reema,

there are several ways to do so (you can search the Internet). I am not sure whether there exists a really good one.
One possibility is as below:
let P1 and P2 be the p-values from dataset 1 and dataset 2. Under the null hypothesis both p-values are distributed uniformly in [0,1]. If we assume independence then the probability that their product is less than x equals x - x*log(x) (where log is the natural - base e - logarithm). So your combined p-value is P1*P2 - P1*P2*log(P1*P2).

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> Hi All
> I want to combine the two datasets using p-values.
> Can anybody tell me how to combine p values from two
> different datasets
> using R?
> It would be a great help
> Waiting for reply....
> Reema Singh
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