[BioC] BSgenome package for a. thaliana

oleg at stat.berkeley.edu oleg at stat.berkeley.edu
Tue Dec 7 04:25:13 CET 2010

Hi, all
I want to use genome package corresponding to TAIR9 version of a.thaliana
genome. It seems that BSgenome makes 2 genome versions available:
"BSgenome.Athaliana.TAIR.01222004" and "BSgenome.Athaliana.TAIR.04232008".
After checking them out, they actually seem to be the same and represent
an earlier version of the genome (TAIR8?). I could probably try to put
together TAIR9 genome using BSgenome manual, but I thought there might be
a package out there already, since TAIR9 has been around for a while now
(TAIR10 has been released last month). If someone knows of one, please let
me know!


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