[BioC] pd.hg18.60mer.expr_1.1.1 and Nimblegen data for oligo package in R

Carvalho, Benilton bcarvalh at jhsph.edu
Thu Oct 8 14:52:58 CEST 2009

Dear Adeline,

I'd appreciate if you could provide detailed information about what
the problemis (or the link to the report you refer to) along with your
sessionInfo(). Regarding the XYS files, these are produced by
NimbleScan (AFAIK) and are well described in NimbleGen documentation.



On Oct 8, 2009, at 9:24 AM, "Adeline Simon" <adeline.simon at versailles.inra.fr
 > wrote:

> October 2009.
> I have exactly the same problem Jean-Yves Sgro, posted on July 2008.
> I don't succeed in using the read.xysfiles function of oligo
> package !!?
> (same error messages)
> Furthermore, as Nimblegen doesn't provide XYS files by default, I'm
> especially interested to know if there are packages for Nimblegen
> analyses without the XYS files, but rather using the .pair or other
> standard files really provided by Nimblegen.
> Thanks,
> Adeline SIMON
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