[BioC] Creating annotation packages

Gábor Csárdi Gabor.Csardi at unil.ch
Fri Jan 30 17:13:33 CET 2009

Dear All,

I am trying to create an annotation package that contains predicted
miRNA targets, basically it would be a mapping between Entrez Gene IDs
and miRNA families, for a couple of organisms, together with some
additional info or course.

I am trying to make use of the AnnBuilder package, but could not find
out whether it can do this at all or not. Btw. the vignettes of it
seem to a bit outdated, e.g. the 'writeAnnData2Pkg' function is not
public any more.

So my questions are:

1) Is AnnBuilder the right tool for this?

2) If not, are there any "right" tools? I don't mind creating the
sqlite database by hand, but how do I create AnnDbBimap objects for

3) Are your scripts for building the standard annotation packages
(e.g. org.xx.eg.db) publicly available somewhere? It would be of great
help to see how this is done.


Gabor Csardi <Gabor.Csardi at unil.ch>     UNIL DGM

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