[BioC] use of huex10stv2cdf_1.15.0.tar.gz and human exon array analysis

Dan Strumpf dstrumpf at uhnresearch.ca
Mon Jan 26 22:17:21 CET 2009


I am new to exon array analysis and have used the huex10stv2cdf_1.15.0.tar.gz 
package (downloaded from 
)as a cdf source/mapping for processing Human exon array data within 'affy' 
package. Processing went smoothly without any error messages. Noticed some 
communication about this package in Oct. 2007, and am not clear if results 
using it are relaible.
I am interested in processing Human exon array data also with gcRMA and am 
wondering if should use the above package or use xps/exonmap/oligo instead? 
Would like to know also what are to options for differential expression 
analysis equivalent to samr limma or RankProd for paired samples from within 
exon array analysis packages or could the preprocessed/normalized data be 
exported and used with xps/exonmap/oligo packages.



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