[BioC] Adding annotations to fit2

john seers (IFR) john.seers at bbsrc.ac.uk
Tue Feb 17 17:35:19 CET 2009

Hi Sally

Is fit2 by any chance the output from limma fitting a linear model? If
not this is not relevant.

If it is so I think you may be able to do something like 

	fit2$genes<-cbind(fit2$genes, MGLnew)

If that does not work, if you are using topTable a bit later, you can do
something like this: 
       tt<-topTable(eb, number=ngenes, genelist=cbind(eb$genes, MGLnew))


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I want merge fit2 with a txt file I'll call MGL (mastergenelist) which
contains gene id information.  I am using a custom cDNA array.  The
reason is that I want the gene ID information along-side the rownames
(which are the accession IDs).  Both have identical row names.  MGL has
missing data.

I have tried:

write.table(MGLnew,file="MGLnew.txt",sep="\t") #WORKS
fit2<-merge(fit2,MGLnew,by="row.names")  #NOT WORKING

When I run this I get the following error message:

Error in dim(data) <- dim : attempt to set an attribute on NULL

What does this error message mean?  How do I fix the problem?

Sally Goldes

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