[BioC] Google Compliant Advertising Request

Bobby - Cylon bbrown at cyl0n.com
Thu Jan 31 07:48:56 CET 2008

   Im sending this email because we want to offer to purchase advertising on
   your website, bioconductor.org. I realize you probably get quite a few
   emails from SEO Companies or individuals looking for text link advertising
   on your site. We are indeed a SEO Company, however we are the only company
   that I know of that is 100% Google Compliant. We use the nofollow attribute
   on every link in our advertisement so we dont compromise your site and
   secure a long-lasting, mutually-beneficial relationship.
   We are very flexible in regards to the amount of space we need for our text
   links. Some of our current partner sites allow us the entire footer while on
   other partners we only take up 200 x 100 in space. We can provide examples
   of some of our other partner sites upon request.
   We are offering $200-$400 and sometimes more, per site, depending on the
   amount of ad space and a few other variables. If the home page is not an
   option, we are open to advertising on just the inside pages of the site as
   well.  We  can  probably  pay less for these pages, but we are open to
   I guarantee that you will not find any other company offering this much
   money for google-compliant text ads with a no-risk obligation. This would be
   very similar to having Google Adsense on your page and getting a guaranteed
   payment  per  month. Most other SEO companies will only offer a pay on
   performance plan in which it may take months to get text ads on your site
   and they are not google compliant which means you risk your site and the
   sites of those whos ads are placed on your site. Its a tiring game of cat
   and mouse which can only end in defeat at this point.
   Im  very  anxious to get something started, let me know if we can work
   something out. You can call me directly if you like at (480) 368-2585, or
   email me back at Bobby at cyl0n.com ; Thanks again, and I look forward to
   hearing from you.
   Thanks for your time and consideration,
   Cylon LLC
   (480) 368-2585
   Also, I would like to apologize if you receive this email more than once. I
   had a couple different email address for you. So you may receive it multiple
   times. I apologize for any inconvenience.

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