[BioC] boxplots on summarized data

Dennis.Burian at faa.gov Dennis.Burian at faa.gov
Tue Jan 22 21:44:22 CET 2008

I'm having a time generating boxplots across chips on summarized data for
more than one gene at a time.  I want a set of boxplots for a subset of the
genes, say the 10th to the 20th genes in the ExpressionSet.  I expect this
is an R list question but since the data is an expression set decided to
post it here instead.

I've tried:
these all return a single boxplot with the expression values for all chips
from all 11 genes in the same boxplot.

boxplot(exprs(x)[10])  gives me a boxplot for one gene.
exprs(x)[10:20] returns the data for the 11 genes in a table.

R 2.6.0
Biobase_1.16.1  affy_1.16.0

I thought I had some understanding of subsetting and the last line of code
to get just the tabular data back validated that thought but now I'm mostly
just confused.

thanks,  DB

Dennis Burian, Ph.D.
Functional Genomics Group
Civil Aerospace Medical Institute, AAM-610
6500 S. MacArthur Blvd.
Oklahoma City OK  73169
dennis.burian at faa.gov

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