[BioC] exonmap RMA function

Crispin Miller CMiller at picr.man.ac.uk
Mon Jan 21 16:19:49 CET 2008

If you have a copy of the X:Map database installed and exonmap set up
properly, then a call to probeset.to.transcript(X), where X is a list of
probeset ids, will give you a transcript list back...

See ?probeset.to.transcript and the vignette for more details...


On 21/1/08 11:41, "Jay an" <jayuan2007 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Martin, Thanks.
> the corresponding between probeset and probe can be obtained by using
> mget(featurenames(x.rma), exon.pmcdf). my another question is:
> is there a way to get corresponding between transcripts
> and probesets?
> thanks
> Yuan

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