[BioC] Does R code exist to read Axon Binary file (ABF) Format?

Earl F. Glynn efg at stowers-institute.org
Wed Jan 9 21:00:37 CET 2008

A researcher here would like to analyze data that is in the ABF format in R 
without using another tool (e.g. Origin Pro) to convert from ABF to a TXT 

"The ABF file format has been used for many years by Axon Instruments for 
the pCLAMP electrophysiology data acquisition and analysis software."

"The AXON BINARY FILE format (ABF) was created for the storage of binary 
experimental data. It originated with the pCLAMP suite of data acquisition 
and analysis programs, but is also supported by AxoTape and AxoScope."

I haven't found any R/Bioconductor hits about ABF, but thought someone might 
know if anyone has already written code to read ABF files in R?

I have some documentation from Molecular Devices (they apparently bought 
Axon) about the ABF and ABF2 file formats, including an ABF2 Programmer's 
Guide that was revised in Oct 2007, but didn't want to have this "fun" if 
someone else has already written R code for this.


Earl F. Glynn
Scientific Programmer
Stowers Institute for Medical Research

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