[BioC] Problem when running check

Kenneth Lo c.lo at stat.ubc.ca
Fri Apr 18 11:32:25 CEST 2008

Hi Martin,

Thank you so much for your helpful advice.  It looks like that this is  
the cause for all these warning messages.  I've modified NAMESPACE  
such that it now only imports relevant classes and methods from  
flowCore.  When running check again, all the warning messages are  
gone!  Looking forward to a "green" check column shown on tomorrow's  
daily report :-)


On 17-Apr-08, at 11:40 AM, Martin Morgan wrote:

> Hi Kenneth --
> This is perhaps a small issue in R, and a solution is actively under  
> investigation
> Probably the warning is spurious, but the thing that is triggering  
> it is when a generic is defined in several different packages that  
> your package imports. For instance, flowViz imports flowCore and  
> Biobase, both of which have a generic 'description'. One possible  
> solution is to replace
> import(SomePkg)
> with
> import(SomePkg, someFunc)
> i.e., to more selectively include required functions.
> Martin
> Kenneth Lo wrote:
>> When I run R CMD check on a package, I've got the following  
>> warning  message repetitively at various checking stages:
>> Warning in getPackageName(where) :
>>   Created a package name, "2008-04-15 04:57:30", when none found
>> I have this problem when running check on R2.7 but not on R2.6.   
>> Does  anyone have any idea about its cause?
>> Thanks!
>> Kenneth
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