[BioC] GO analysis for time-series data

Ana Conesa aconesa at ochoa.fib.es
Wed Nov 7 02:08:52 CET 2007

Dear Srini,

please, take a look to the following manuscript as provides a
methodology for GO analysis of time series data

Minguez, P., Al-Shahrour, F., Dopazo, J. (2006)
A function-centric approach to the biological interpretation of
microarray time-series
Genome Informatics Series Vol.17 No.2 (pg 57-66) 2006 ISSN:0919-9454 

Ana Conesa
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>>dear group, 
>>What are the GO analysis methods for time series data
>>50 samples (cell line) treated with drug
>>4 time points (2hr, 4hr, 8hr, 24hr)
>>Once the clusters of genes identified for 2,4,8 and 24
>>hrs, what are the steps to identify over represented
>>GO groups. 
>>could any expert help me how to proceed further. 
>>thank you
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