[BioC] how to build a GOstats-compatible annotation package for plasmodium falciparum?

Paul Shannon pshannon at systemsbiology.org
Wed Nov 7 02:04:22 CET 2007

Hi Marc,

It sounds like you have your hands full!

Would it be crazy if we were to undertake this ourselves, at the SBRI?
I am thinking of an organism-based package (like YEAST) rather than
a chip-specific package.

Does the new pipeline create annotation packages which work with
GOstats and GSEA?

  - Paul

On Nov 6, 2007, at 4:41 PM, Marc Carlson wrote:

> Well I plan to do this.  But it's just not going to happen  
> overnight.  I
> am booked right now with a homology implementation and I also have to
> finish getting part of the promised pipeline in place for our other
> annotation package collaborators so that they can update their  
> packages
> to the newer format for the upcoming release.  This means that I  
> may not
> get to start this for a couple of months, but it has been added to my
> todo list.
> For now, I recommend that you try to use the AnnBuilder package.   
> We are
> planning to retire this package along with the style of annotation
> package that it spawns so this is definitely NOT a good long term
> solution and is to be used for the short term ONLY.  But I think  
> that it
> will probably get you the quick fix that you need.
> http://bioconductor.org/packages/2.1/bioc/html/AnnBuilder.html
>     Marc

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