[BioC] displayTIFFImage funtion in beadarray package

Matt Ritchie Matt.Ritchie at cancer.org.uk
Fri Jul 13 20:09:35 CEST 2007

Hi Sebastien,

I use imageplot() to look for spatial artefacts on the array surface in
place of displayTiffImage().  We recently changed the way raw bead level
data is stored and read into R, and while most functions were easy to update
to handle the new structure, updating displayTIFFImage() was less trivial.
As we hadn't been using it, it was removed from the package.  If people are
keen to have it back, let me know and we can try harder to update it.

Best wishes,


> Thanks Matt,
> why is the displayTIFFImage() function no longer in use? Will it be
> replaced by something else or has that functionality been phased out?
> thanks,
> Sebastien
> Matt Ritchie wrote:
>> Hi Sebastien,
>> The function displayTIFFImage() is no longer in use, and won't work even if
>> you can access it.  I'll delete it properly from the developmental version
>> of the package when I next do an update.  Apologies for the confusion.
>> Best wishes,
>> Matt
>>> Hi,
>>> I am trying to use the displayTIFFImage function but keep getting the error:
>>> Error: could not find function "displayTIFFImage"
>>> even though I have the beadarray library installed and loaded and
>>> ?displayTIFFImage provides me with information on the function.
>>> Can this function be used? If so how can i access it?
>>> thanks,
>>> Sebastien

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